The N.o.H. (Episode 1)

Here it comes ! The Infernal Movie Contest 2 is over, and I can now present my movie :

The Nightmare of Hylis (Episode 1)

This is a criminal story video based on the Bay environement. It features police chases with heavy traffic, collisions, explosions and more :D

The dialogs are in french, with english subtitles.
If you wish another subtitles language, just download the material from the following links. Those videos are subtitles free, so that you can add the SRT file of your choice.
- Full video in MP4 HD (350Mo) : Here.
- Full video in WMV HD (180Mo) : Here (alternative RAR file : Here).
- SRT subtitles (french, english, german, spanish) : Here (extract SRT files from zip).
- Czech subtitles made by Kuby (thanks for support) : Here.

This video was a huge fun to make, but also took a lot of time ! I hope you will enjoy it :D

Go see the whole IMC2 results and watch the other productions ! Here.

If you have playback issues on TM-Tube, check this YouTube link.

Thanks for the nice comments, I read them all !

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