Krow - Pow

Yo fellas!

Some of you might remember one of my previous videos: Krow - Wow! It was quite a success to be honest. Anyway, here is the sequel to that movie!

The differences from last movie are many: Better quality, better driving and better editing! But unfortunately, this one is less fun, I've focused more on editing and quality this time!

Some texts and stuff in the movie might me a bit to quick to read, so here are some VERY IMPORTANT INFOS:

TinyTech105, 18.31 WR, Karjen 18.31
Nedet, 17.81 WR
TinyTech150, 19.94 WR
Solo Runs 3, 24.39 WR
Out with the Old, 41.29 2nd WR, Karjen 41.23 WR
Simple 06, 25.26 3rd WR, Kactus 25.29
Mocha, 33.89 WR

Also, the tracks were made by: HotRod, Frosty, Pepe Mepeeh, Simple.Shoot and Extract!

Special thanks goes to Snaky, he helped me alot with improvement of my quality!

Rendering settings: 1280*720, @30 fps with 9x antialias and motion blur, codec: lagarith lossless.
Rendered from Vegas as .avi with ffdshow.
After that, I encoded the .avi file with Xencoder to .mp4

Why I'm really writing this, I'm not sure of, just enjoy the movie if you can!

Please be sure to leave a vote and  a comment! :)

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