Discover : Lights

Hey-ho :-),
Why I should stop making TM videos, even after 6 years activity now ? :D I'm still active in the community, but ehm, a little less lately.
Otherwise, I want to say; big thanks you for your subs! :D Your support keeps me motivated in continuingthe maniaplanet adventure, even if I'm not very active at the moment. I prepared several interesting projects until now so we'll have plenty of new things to keep us entertained, even the next year to come. Gonna be good. :P
So, here's a quick simple home-edit video, in where I wanted to approch the game to realism, from cameras,to colors correction (Magic Bullet Looks !!!), or even depth-of-field and lighting.
About lighting, a quick-fix update has made the shadows computation even more darker. It looks more nice depending of the map areas (i.e. tunnels), but sometimes, it's so gloomy that you can't even see something forward, so the mapper have to place more lights.
And, the 'ModWork' folder, that allows you to create your own custom mood, is fixed from now. Here's the tutorial.
As always, like, dislike, comment, share, but first of all, enjoy!

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