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    SCAREFACE · 05-22-2015 17:30:54 · Just a Run 5

    agree nice quality, I like the flow, great fps

  • s i c
    s i c · 05-22-2015 16:07:07 · Map Preview - roots! by s i c

    How would you present a map without a car driving it? ;) I only added the custom cams because there were some unfinished spots I wanted to hide. About the motion blur: I didn't forget it. I disabled it because the videos I rendered with it enabled where kinda choppy, like single frames were missing. I tried different things and also googled for a solution but couldn't find anything. Maybe my computer is just not strong enough. If you have a solution for this issue: gogo, tell me pls ;)

  • s5yn3t
    s5yn3t · 05-22-2015 12:13:14 · Map Preview - roots! by s i c

    more like a car preview to me + it feels like you forgot to enable motion blur while recording the clips from tm

  • mariajonson
    mariajonson · 05-22-2015 11:08:49 · [OFFICIAL] TrackMania² Canyon - Educational Video (PAX 2011 Trailer)

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  • angeljason
    angeljason · 05-22-2015 07:54:51 · Maniaplanet Importer Tutorial Part_1

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