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  • N-Jin
    N-Jin · 05-23-2015 18:08:16 · TrackMania Sunrise - Michael Myler - Tainted Adrenaline

    best song ever in TM :D 6/5

  • N-Jin
    N-Jin · 05-23-2015 18:02:41 · TrackMania Sunrise - Zsolt Marx - Breathe Again

    my childhood :D

  • s5yn3t
    s5yn3t · 05-23-2015 08:09:08 · Map Preview - roots! by s i c

    Hmm, either the avi uncompressed is bugged again, or you can try rendering everything out with lagarith lossless codec (thats what i use), or if that won't work and you're not lazy, you can use x264 to render from tm, and then using vdub and recode it to lagarith (because x264 lags when you edit it). And showing the map is easy, if you show the track's highlights, and you can show it with a car, but the camera should be far enough so the car wouldn't take so much space on the screen :P

    SCAREFACE · 05-22-2015 17:30:54 · Just a Run 5

    agree nice quality, I like the flow, great fps

  • s i c
    s i c · 05-22-2015 16:07:07 · Map Preview - roots! by s i c

    How would you present a map without a car driving it? ;) I only added the custom cams because there were some unfinished spots I wanted to hide. About the motion blur: I didn't forget it. I disabled it because the videos I rendered with it enabled where kinda choppy, like single frames were missing. I tried different things and also googled for a solution but couldn't find anything. Maybe my computer is just not strong enough. If you have a solution for this issue: gogo, tell me pls ;)