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  • rustywheel
  • SphinxXxFlameStorm
    SphinxXxFlameStorm · 10-31-2014 13:21:59 · The Racer Chapter2

    Thanks.I cant finish this not have the patience...but I'm going to do when I will consider the following video.Finally though someone else wrote coment

  • Ozon
    Ozon · 10-31-2014 12:51:07 · The Racer Chapter2

    hey! cool movie. but I do have some problems with it: - the sound: the sound fx mixed with the song are raping my ears literally. You have to find a way to mix it better. The sound fx is seriously tooooo loud. Just watch the movie with your headphones (do you use Premiere or Vegas?) (Either make the musik louder than the fx or otherwise) - the overall quality of the movie is not really good aswell. - some angles (cameras) were really good, but the movement could be improved. - Tooo much motionblur. Turn the ingame motion blur off (or remove the "FX motion blur" track) and render with the "renderer" motion blur only. Result: You can use "depth of field" for your videos and the video itself is sharper (but you do also have the motion blur). - I see you used After Effects. I suggest you using Adobe Premiere as a video editing program, since you won't lose quality when utilitzing effects. The quality goes down because of that. I have to say some scenes are really good (especially at the end with the Skyline). The glass break was cool. I believe you can improve more and I wish you good luck with that. The movie was definetly entertaining!

  • LuKe TM
    LuKe TM · 10-30-2014 01:24:51 · Penta.MiQuatro - ESWC Bootshaus!

    Oh thx to you. I cant remember so well but I guess I did render in 60 fps but only with TM itself. I will do in my next project, thx man. Greetz LuKe. :)

  • promarijan
    promarijan · 10-28-2014 17:45:30 · That's Quality!

    @DaniXks: TM² looks nearly the same ingame if you have a decent graphics card! The only things where the video is better are constant framerate and the high antialiasing... After hours of rendering? No 20minutes... ;D