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  • Waxx
    Waxx · 03-04-2015 12:17:46 · Hot Pursuit - Hunter Tribute

    Thanks guys, gonna improve next time :D

    SCAREFACE · 03-04-2015 00:02:37 · Hot Pursuit - Hunter Tribute

    nice effort dude, agree with Ozon, but is a great movie

  • Ozon
    Ozon · 03-03-2015 00:21:08 · Hot Pursuit - Hunter Tribute

    Really nice movie with some really great and original ideas, but it also has many mistakes. -What's up with the colors? Seems like you have rendered out video out of AE and put it into Sv AND then rendered it. You lost too much quality and also you got these weird "borders" (great to see if you look into the sky). -Most cameras were pretty good. Keep it up with them! -In my opinion you overused some AE plugins like Particular, Light Rays and put too much lens flares in. If you want to make them look good, make sure you really need them. Yeah, effects like these can surely improve a video, but I don't think that was the case here (Lens flare coming from the QP surface, wut). -Back to the colorizing, I didn't really like the cc you did here most of the time. Maybe try it again, but this time without the quality loss in SV (nice trick: make a radial gradient in PS, put it into a top-layer track in SV, make it a "Overlay" track, CC done!). -Otherwise, the video quality was good. Keep it up with the ideas and try to fix problems like I mentioned. For a first video, this kicked ass! ~Ozon

  • InvaderZim
    InvaderZim · 02-28-2015 20:07:27 · Nerver Ending Story

    Great camchanges, nice music and good driving! 5/5

    SCAREFACE · 02-25-2015 21:15:39 · Detail

    really? I turn off the reflects and raycast