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  • Ze-Rax
    Ze-Rax · 08-29-2014 13:06:20 · Quality Test :D

    Quality looks good. In my opinion it would be good to make the camera going a bit more around the car, not always behind it.

  • Pepsy
    Pepsy · 08-28-2014 20:02:55 · Quality Test :D

    I just checked out the rendersettings I'm having in my editing program :) More edits are coming soon :D and music! :P

  • s5yn3t
    s5yn3t · 08-28-2014 18:44:31 · Quality Test :D

    quality is not bad at all camera not bad, some twitches here and there but its a render from game, it will always have a good quality real test begins when you edit the file, then the quality test will be crucial here :]

  • phelice
    phelice · 08-25-2014 14:30:33 · tutorial nadeoimporter

    ty very much for the nice tuto, please it possible to translate in french i don't very well understand english thank you again.

  • darkpuddle
    darkpuddle · 08-24-2014 20:56:50 · Horizon - Trailer