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  • · 07-26-2014 02:57:06 · SLASHER [got in IE]

    had to create smth different

  • Ozon.
    Ozon. · 07-26-2014 00:33:52 · SLASHER [got in IE]

    Have to say that I dislike what I see. Even though the sync is cool and the quality at all is consistent, I am only getting random pictures thrown at my eyes. But well, it's for a cod editing group, what do I expect?

  • GTX
    GTX · 07-25-2014 23:11:52 · SLASHER [got in IE]

    Sick :)

  • promarijan
    promarijan · 07-25-2014 21:12:33 · SIRENS.

    Overedited! Buuut, in a good way! Nice to see such an awesome video again!

  • Ozon.
    Ozon. · 07-25-2014 15:26:00 · Custom Skin China showcase

    Really nice! Would have loved to see one video for all asian skins, rather than 3 different.