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  • s5yn3t
    s5yn3t · 09-10-2014 19:16:54 · TSC3 - Personal bests by zerdh [1080p]

    it's ok 6/5

  • s5yn3t
    s5yn3t · 09-10-2014 19:15:37 · A06 by Pinochet

    only good things about the video is the video quality and cc

  • Ze-Rax
    Ze-Rax · 09-10-2014 17:46:49 · A06 by Pinochet

    If you want to have the focus on the video and not on the edit and not on the time then you should use some more costum cams while the car is driving. That's my opinion.

    SCAREFACE · 09-06-2014 14:07:03 · Slowmotion, car

    yep, im working on a better new slowmo video, this was a test and a parody of the slowmo guys.

  • killaprodtm
    killaprodtm · 09-06-2014 12:09:10 · Slowmotion, car

    Nice idea. I would have shot this video rather with slower timespeed (strech the time track) and with the same fps (200), than slowed it down in the video editor only.