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  • Rickardrick
    Rickardrick · 08-23-2014 03:55:19 · The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Real nice gg :)

    SCAREFACE · 08-22-2014 20:55:09 · Heowin - "Silent Shadow" by Boom

    overedit! :) nice edit boom, agree with ozon next vid dont add that black screens.

  • Ozon.
    Ozon. · 08-22-2014 18:50:44 · Heowin - "Silent Shadow" by Boom

    Also: You used raycast reflections this time.. they look pretty artificial, don't you think too? Imo you get a much more realistic and better looking result with only "car reflects" and "subsample reflects" on.

  • Ozon.
    Ozon. · 08-22-2014 18:43:09 · Heowin - "Silent Shadow" by Boom

    Really cool movie once again. I love the attention for little details on some parts, aswell as the end part. Like the creative ideas. I recognized some lazyness inbetween (sounds harsh, but it isn't at all) some of your shots, where some are sped-up and slowed-down (syncing) to fit the music, while the next ones aren't. Looks weird to me; would have been better to do one of both all the time instead of only one style. All in all, I feel that the middleparts in your videos tend to be a obstacle for you, since there's really not much room for something special. I also would suggest having no cuts between the songs at all; mix them together so you also always have a picture. Blackscreens destroy the dynamics in your video.

  • LegendPictures
    LegendPictures · 08-22-2014 17:16:41 · Heowin - "Silent Shadow" by Boom

    really nice work 5/5