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    SCAREFACE · 07-23-2014 21:43:04 · Im not dead

    idk boom, maybe is the page, ask to the admin, X2X btw, thanks

  • · 07-22-2014 04:24:59 · Im not dead

    awesome, nice cams. i have an upload problem "error to load flenght file" tried everything, do you know sth about it? ty, boom

  • ad'gado
    ad'gado · 07-18-2014 17:20:50 · That's Quality!

    Can you please link the track? It looks really awesome!

  • killaprodtm
    killaprodtm · 07-13-2014 18:33:40 · Art of cutting - Trackmania 2 Canyon Movie

    Nice. Some parts were a bit too dark for my taste. And some cameras too hectic to be in harmony of the song (0:50)(1:05) also some bad cuts (1:36)(1:45)(1:50)etc.

    SCAREFACE · 07-13-2014 09:14:42 · Voices Become Louder

    nice colours, wha is your video output?