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Mediaplanet Video Contest #1

06-05-2013 17:46:47 - Killa ProD.

Mediaplanet, a media hub for maniaplanet videos and photos, is organizing its first video contest! You have the opportunity to win 50.000 Planets and a Shootmania Mousepad!

To make this video contest a challenge, this theme has been chosen:

"Create a trailer-like clip with 30-60 seconds length, presentating your favourite Maniaplanet game (SM:Storm; TM:Canyon; TM:Stadium)."

- 30-60 seconds maximum length (10 seconds tolerance for credits or logos)
- You are also allowed to use ingame footage and real-life footage
- Present it like a trailer; a logo of the game should appear at the end (see what we mean by looking at the newest official MP trailers)
- The Mediaplanet Video Contest Intro should be used. DOWNLOAD
- Only ONE video per author.
- You can make the video with multiple games, but they have to be part of Maniaplanet.

DEADLINE: 28.7.2013

You have time to send in the video until the deadline.

1st Place: Shootmania Mousepad from Nadeo! + 50.000 Planets!
2nd Place: 20.000 Planets!
3rd Place: 10.000 Planets

For all the info and submission details follow this thread in the forum.

Happy Creating!
The Mediaplanet Team

Become the video editor of TmT

07-06-2012 04:00:58 - tmtournament

TmTournament is searching for a video editor. Every year map builders get the opportunity to send their maps, with the hope of their maps getting selected. Why shouldn’t we give video editors the same opportunity to become the video editor of TmT 2012. As everyone deserves a fair chance, TmT organizes a video contest.

The winner of the contest will be the video editor of TmT 2012 and if the collaboration works well even longer. To compete create a video that explains when and where the groups will be announced. The winner will be selected based on votes by the TmT fanatics and judgment of the TmT management. The votes of the TmT fanatics count for 40% and the judgment of TmT management for 60%. This is because the TmT management not only judges by quality, but takes reliability (as far as we can judge) and the available time during TmT 2012 into account. For more information go to:

Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you.

Sign up for TmT 2012!

07-03-2012 14:48:46 - tmtournament

The first match week is coming closer and closer. The website is now open to sign up for edition 2012.
Make sure to read the rules before signing up. To make sure you’re part of TmT 2012, sign up quickly before all the slots are taken. The sign up is open since 02-07-2012. In less than 24 hours already 30 teams signed up, so you’re warned! You can sign up till: 14-07-2012 23:59 (CET). For more information go to:

Available spots: 128
Setup: 4vs4
Maps: tech-tracks from 35-45 seconds

Map Restrictions:
- Time: 35 to 45 seconds
- Mood: Day
- Name: TmT-Name
- Scenery: Minimal
- Maximum of 2 maps per builder (duo maps also count for 1, for each builder).

Send them to Mention your Trackmania log-in.
Deadline: 06-07-2011 23:59 (CET)

Important dates:
Release date first map pack: 15-07-2012 21:00 (CET)
Start first match week: 23-07-2012 00:00 (CET)

The TmT management is looking forward to a great tournament. So sign up and spread the word TmT 2012!

Official TM-Tube forum online!

04-06-2012 22:45:52 - X2X

Remember that poll regarding a TM-Tube forum two years ago (I think)? Well, here it is! Pretty fast, huh?

So yeah, I started a little cooperation with the guys from, Germany's number one TM/SM/QM forum, to support each other. We've actually planned more than just this forum, but everyone is quite busy these days (including myself), so things didn't run as smooth as intended. So for now we've got this little subforum here, which will act as the central communication platform of TM-Tube from now on and replace our link to the old TM-Forum.

You'll be able to share your creations with more detailed descriptions, discuss them in a more comfortable way than in the TM-Tube comments, share tutorials, and give feedback to us.

Register now and be part of the community! You'll be able to copy your TM-Tube account to the forum at a future date, for now you'll have to create a separate account. We'll also add more features as time passes.

ALTERNATE TM2 Pro-League - Season 2

01-20-2012 21:52:36 - Pred


Today's news is all about the ALTERNATE TM² Pro League. Its first issue already made a great stir at the end of 2011 and won a fragster award in the category "Best TM² Tournament". Now we're proud to present you the 2nd season which will start on February 2nd. The 16 best German drivers will compete in a head-to-head battle every Wednesday and Thursday on the virtual circuit, or more specifically, on the new TWL maps. The whole event will be streamed by MaseTV.

Two slots are still vacant, so take your chance to compete in Germany's most thrilling TM² cup by signing up for the qualifying on our homepage! It will take place on January 25th and 26th.

More info:


11-02-2011 23:33:56 - Pred


After a seemingly endless period of waiting the ALTERNATE Trackmania 2 Pro League by Team ALTERNATE finally started last thursday. The organisation picked 16 of Germany's best Trackmania 2 players and seperated them into four groups with four players each. While the groupstage is played in an 1on1 best-of-three mode, the two best drivers of each group will advance to the playoffs in which an elimination tournament will determine the winner. The mappacks for this season are kindly presented by ET Generation. Every thursday the two Matches of the Week are broadcast by Kevin 'Predator' H. and an alternating co-caster in order to convey the complete excitement of this tournament.

Tournament page:

Social media buttons & Facebook page

09-14-2011 00:29:55 - X2X

Hey folks!
Today we present you a minor "social-media-update": First of all there are two fancy Facebook and Google+ buttons at the top of the news box. If you're using those services, just take a click and show everyone, how awesome TM-Tube is!
Additionally we've added Facebook and Google+ buttons to every single video page, so if you like a video, you can now feature it on your Facebook or Google+ page easily with just one click.

And last but not least we have our own Facebook page now, so make sure to visit it!
Follow us at Twitter to get the latest updates!

F1 World Cup Season 2

09-02-2011 17:12:29 - abgematzt

The biggest and hardest private league ever in Stadium environment starts its new Season. From the 01.09.2011 on you'll be able to register your team for the STI Formula One World Cup at the F1 league website.

Every Sunday you'll drive one of 20 Grand Prix sessions on tracks around the world. Additionally, qualifications, pit stops, fuel displays, several mods, Live Casts (German, English and French language only) and a league website with results, tips and hints, a forum and much more awaits you.

The price pool for the three fastest constructers (teams) are 600 Euro CASH!!!

You have questions or need support? You want to talk with other F1 maniacs about the cup during the live sessions? No problem, use our IRC Quakenet channel
to talk, ask, flame or whatever you want ;)

Get ready on 01.09.2011 when you hear the words: Gentlemen, start your engines!

Keep Racing!

CoS Nascar days! (9.-11. Sept 2011)

08-30-2011 21:52:35 - Chris92

Cradle of Speed proudly presents in association with Goldbach Computer and n!faculty e.V.: The CoS Nascar days! (9.-11. Sept 2011)

The CoS Nascar Days, an event which takes the exciting races in round-based challenges with several participants to the next level. On 10 different and exciting highspeed-multilap maps, which were built just for this event, a maximum of 111 players on one single server will compete against each other. Not the best times per lap are important, but rather a constancy and the ability to drive 7 rounds without failures as fast as possible will be important for winning.

Further details on the event

1. Registration

a) Registrate in our Forum at:
b) Read further information of registration at
and register further on
(Name/name, Login, gültige/your existing E-Mail Adresse/adress)

Deadline for registration is 7. Sep. 2011 at 20:00 (GMT+2)

2. Raceprocedure: 9 + 10 Sep. 2011 on the sever:
Servername: cos|| StadiumMasters
Germany/North Rhine-Westphalia/Düsseldorf

At 17:00 (GMT+2) the password will be sent by email to the competitors. Race start is at 18:00 (GMT+2). The race will end at 23:00 (GMT+2). The best 16 drivers from the first two days will be invited to compare their skills in a Cupmode. The race will start at 19:00 (GMT+2)!

3. Judging
111 free slots for players - places 1-20 get points every race. However, 16 players with the most points till Saturday evening will become qualified for the final.

4. Spectators
Relay server will be online for the whole event without password.


1. Place – Asus ENGTX560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 graphics card
(sponsored by
2. Place – Bigfoot Killer 2100 Networks Card (sponsored by n!faculty)
3. Place – Sidewinder X8 Gamer Mouse (sponsored by n!faculty)
4.-16. Place – up to 60000 Coppers

Furthermore there are 5 Trackmania² limited gamescom edition t-shirts (sponsored by Nadeo) which will be raffled among all drivers, who haven’t got into the finals.

(All material prizes will be delivered for free in Europe. Players from other countries will have to pay the shipping)

The final results of the cup will be shown contemporary on our website.

ManiaNews: Live Q&A with Florent from Nadeo

07-31-2011 16:19:54 - X2X

TrackMania 2 is near and I bet, you guys still have many questions about it. Today is your chance to get them answered by Nadeo's Florent Castelnerac (also known as Hylis), who will be interviewed by Benjisite from ManiaNews!

Join the livestream at 19:30 CET/GMT+1:
and ask your questions in the chat. Benji will pick the most interesting ones then.

Feel free to join the ManiaNews-Facebook-Group to get the latest information about TM2 and Maniaplanet:

|UPDATE: All interview parts are online now. You can watch them at

Mania News

06-24-2011 01:15:16 - X2X

"Mania News" is a new exciting project by benjisite, who is well-known in the TM community, especially for his community work and his Trackmania documentation "Generations Digitales", which has been released last year.
With "Mania News" he created a new YouTube show featuring current news about Maniaplanet and all associated games (Trackmania 2, Questmania and Shootmania). Especially for those guys, who don't have the time to look over the pile of information in the forums and aren't continuously up to date, it's a comfortable option to learn about all the recent Maniaplanet facts. Give it a try, the first show is available in English, French and Spanish.


06-21-2011 00:17:43 - Hanno

Hey Trackmaniacs,
The 6th August 2011 will be the next showdown:

We, the 24h admins proudly present the ALTERNATE 24h Race V.
It is meant to be one of the greatest events in Trackmania and as you all know, it is a high tensional event which requires the best of concentration, speed and consistency of every participant.

For those who did not yet participate in any 24h Race, here are the short rules:

You need to drive in teams of exactly 4 Players.
Every player is supposed to drive at least 4 hours during the complete race.
Your target will be to reach the most Checkpoints after 24h of racing. This team will be the winner.

The best teams and drivers after this event will get some nice prices which will have a total value of more than 1.700 €!

As you can see: This event will definitely pay your registration off !!!
So get up and participate in the greatest 24h ever seen!

Registration starts 1st July 2011:

To stay up to date with the latest news, have a look at our „ALTERNATE 24h Race“-Facebook-Page.

Related links:

Trackmania Tournament 2011

06-12-2011 22:21:16 - tmtournament

TmT 2011

The TmT management is happy to announce edition 2011. We've launched a new website, in our opinion a real improvement, and we hope this will be a solid base for another great tournament. Read the rules, sign up and spread the words: TmT 2011!

Duration: 04.07.2011 - 04.09.2011
Available spots: 128 spots
Setup: 4vs4
Maps: tech-tracks from 35-45 seconds
Sign up till: 19-06-2011 23:59 (CET)
Release date first map-pack: 26-06-2011 21:00 (CET)
Contact: info(at)

Director: Shortz

AVP Knockout! Cup

03-18-2011 19:02:46 - abgematzt

presented by AVP Live Cast, powered by, hosted by STIGMATA


From 04.04.2011 till 22.04.2011 you can register on Registration is neccessary, without it you can't participate! (All TMNF and TMUF players can participate)

From 11.04.2011 till 22.04.2011 the Quali Server will be available in Time Attack Mode (only registered drivers can join). You must get a local record as one of the best 64 drivers.

On the 24.04.2011 there will be the draw, where we'll decide, which player will drive on which server (online on At 19:30CET we'll start the Knockout Cup - via relay option you'll be able to watch the Knockout A Server - there will also be a Live Cast for the KO rounds (after a new draw of 16 finalists).

A new map will start in every round. The maps can be trained during WU 10 minutes before the official round starts. All maps - only the final track is new - are sorted and built by Abgematzt and DeeLete and can be downloaded at TMX. You ask which one? lol.

The prices for the places 1 to 4 are:

1st: 500 GB 2,5" HDD external
2nd: HD Webcam
3rd: 16 GB USB Stick
4th: Full Version of Trackmania (TMUF)

All rounds are protected by the admins.

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.
Rule changes before, during runs and after the cup may be enforced by STIGMATA.

TM-Tube - back in town! (Update 2.1.10)

02-24-2011 22:20:28 - X2X

TM-Tube Update 2.1.10
After the third server change in the history of TM-Tube, your favorite (and only) TrackMania video portal is finally back. And wow, just a 22 hour downtime, new record! :3 As there has always been an update after a server change, there is also one today. Seems like just a small one, but in fact it's pretty big, as I've implemented a completly redone encoding system. Remember uploading a video on the "old TM-Tube" and after the conversion was done, the video looked like some little gnome on our server had fun messing up the data and producing mysterious video artifacts? Didn't happen that often, but there were some people on the Live-Support, who had problems, because our encoder didn't like their x264 revision or something like that. Well, that should be a thing of the past now, our new system likes every type of video and the little gnomes were teached a bit more discipline. Here is the changelog:

- Our encoding system now excepts nearly every codec/container-combination and should encode everything properly.
- You can use every framerate you like now - want to have ultra smooth 120 fps videos? Go ahead!
- Video quality (of the new videos) should be A LOT better now, making TM-Tube again the video portal with the best video quality on the web.
- New videos should be PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 compatible now - you can download them via the Download-Link on the video page. You should also be able to play the downloaded (new) videos in every player now (not only Windows Media Player), without any sound issues.
- Switched from Lame audio codec with 128 kbit/s to FAAC with 192 kbit/s.
- Instead of fixed bitrate encoding, we are now using the more modern CRF (constant rate factor) encoding mechanism of x264 (currently CRF 22, but maybe I'll adjust that later on). That means, the videos will (theoretically) all have the same quality and the encoder will only use the bitrate, the video really needs for its scenes.

Well, that's, how it should theoretically work now. Of course I couldn't test every codec/container-combination. So let's call that a "beta stage" now - a huge stress test for the new system. I think, there will be a lot of quality tests in the next few weeks, but that's okay :) Please report any bugs you encounter via PM (to me) or Live-Support!

Have fun with TM-Tube and don't forget to donate, so we can keep this site online for many more months :)

By the way, I'll create a new HD video tutorial in the next few weeks, until then, here my recommended settings: upload your videos in 1080p or 720p (16:9, progressive, NOT interlaced - we are not a TV broadcaster!!!), using the x264 codec for the video (as I think, everyone of you has got multi core CPUs nowadays, use high settings, like 16 B-Frames, subq=10, 12 reference frames, merange=32, etc... or presets like veryslow or even placebo) and FAAC or FLAC for audio compression. Finally put it all together in a MKV container. And make lossless encodes (Lagarith or x264 @ CRF=0) for everything except the final encode - nothing looks worse than a video, which has been compressed thousand times before.

The Competo 24h-race IV - It's time for nonstop racing!

12-16-2010 20:24:48 - Hanno

Competo 24h-race IV

We are glad to announce the sign up for the 4th edition of the Competo 24h-race sponsored by Plantronics, Xilence, Bitdefender, Cooxline and Cisco.

The event will take place from 15th to 16th january 2011.

Everybody can participate in this awesome race over 24 hours, which will be live casted, no matter if you have TMUF or just TMNF. All you need is a team, which includes 4 drivers and a lot of fun! The event will be played in lap-mode with day and night circle. And as usual we aren't going to release the map until the start of the race, so you don't have to train for this tournament.

Of course you can also win many prizes:

1x Plantronics GameCom 777 headset
1x Xilence 550W powersuply
1x Bitdefender licence
1x Zykonsystems mouse
2x Artpad
1x p3 mousepad
50x Cooxline
1x Competoshirt

Sign up now and become a champion in 24 hours!

Glow eSports & Live-Mapping event

10-28-2010 19:40:06 - lordaniel

Live-Mapping event

Glow eSports & present:
LiveMapping - a new event in Trackmania!

Date: 07.11.2010, 19:30 - 21:30 (GMT+1)

It's about Mapping & Racing - just what Trackmania is about!
The first part - Mapping - is about completing a map which is built by Glow, but where a lot of parts are missing! Not exactly like Puzzle, but you can compare it with that. You've got two hours, so hurry up!

In the second part - Racing - you have two weeks to get a good time on those tracks - a pole position should be your aim!

We have some really nice prices:

Silver Bronze

...and more for the winners of the Racing part as well!

More information is available on the official eventpage:
Glow eSports & wish you a lot of luck and fun!

Important: You must speak German, but it's not important where you come from!

Stigmata Formula 1 World Cup

09-01-2010 18:37:55 - abgematzt

On the 27th September 2010 the new Formula One season in Bahrain is beginning - 19 tracks with free training, qualifying and final race. The Grand Prix starts every sunday at 6 PM CET and ends at 19 PM CET. You will always drive on one of the 19 tracks in the order of the real Formula One season 2010. The only major difference is, that you don't have to change the tyres - you only have to refuel. Everyone can participate for free, you don't have to pay coppers. There will be prices for the three best pilots, the three best teams and for the Master Pole of the Qualifying Points. There will be teams of two drivers, if we have more than 40 teams (maximum 60 teams), clans are allowed to register more own squads, change of drivers isn't allowed.

All tracks will be played without wallbangs and with pit stops. Our race stewards will take care, that everything will take its course.

We will only accept Stadium cars. There will be TV-servers for spectators. All dates can be taken from the F1 calendar. Visit for more infos, the rules, the prices and hints/tricks.

Only registered teams will be able to enjoy the premier competition.
Registrations are open from 01.09.2010 - 23.09.2010.

TmT 2010 Finals

07-30-2010 00:06:30 - tmtournament

TmT 2010
TmT reached the final phase, only one match before the final. Four great teams are left: eQ|Dark Team, Gang of Drivers, Infused and Yoyotech. Now you got the opportunity to watch these 4 teams race against each other for the title. There will be relays and the matches will be probably casted in German and English. So it’s almost impossible to miss this epic event.

Semi finals (01-08-2010)
20:00 (CET) eQ|Dark Team vs Gang of Drivers
21:00 (CET) Yoyotech vs Infused

3rd place (08-08-2010)
19:30 (CET) announced after the Semi finals

Final (08-08-2010)
20:30 (CET) announced after the Semi finals

Relays are provided by TM-planet, they are only open during the match day.

The links to the relays and casting will be on the site of TmT.
For more information go to:

Nadeo & Ubisoft unveil maniaplanet on E3 & TM2, SM and QM beta dates!

06-15-2010 04:03:59 - X2X

UPDATE 3: High quality version of the E3 teaser added - look at the Featured Video box or click here.
UPDATE 2: Forum launched:
UPDATE: Official maniaplanet website launched:
Forum will open at 10AM UTC (that's 12:00 GMT+1).


Just some minutes ago Nadeo's new creative community platform 'maniaplanet' was unveiled during the Ubisoft press conference on the world's biggest gaming fair - the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The best thing at the end - that's typical for Nadeo. After some impressive presentations of new Ubisoft titles like 'Assassins Creed Brotherhood', 'Ghost Recon Future Soldier' or 'Driver: San Francisco', at the end we could finally have a look at some small new scenes from TrackMania 2 (again with really amazing graphics) and we were introduced to Nadeo's new community system 'maniaplanet'.

But Nadeo wouldn't be Nadeo, if they revealed too much about it, so we only got some small details on it. Basically, 'maniaplanet' will most likely be a huge community system, combining all the creative heads from three communities: the already existing TrackMania-community, the ShootMania-community (officially called a shooter, probably first-person) and the QuestMania-community (officially called an adventure/role-playing game).
So it seems like those three new games will be combined and contain all the great features developed for TrackMania during the years. More infos on that will probably come during the next days... or months... you all know, the news from Nadeo always come all of a sudden ;)

Another interesting thing is, that Nadeo revealed the dates of the betas for those three new games.
It seems like the QuestMania beta will be the first one we can expect, as the date was just stated as "coming soon".
The next one will be the TrackMania 2 beta, starting in the 4th quater of 2010.
Last but not least, we can expect the ShootMania beta to start in the 1st quarter of 2011.

That's it with the news. I will try to add the maniaplanet E3 teaser on TM-Tube during the day, but I can't promise it, just stay tuned :)

Générations Digitales released

02-01-2010 16:52:34 - X2X

Generations Digitales

The long-awaited documentary "Générations Digitales" (Digital Generations), made by Benjamin Tardif (better known as Benjisite) in 2009 is finally available for purchase on the official website. For a limited number of copies, the DVD is also available for 15000 Coppers via the ManiaLink generations-digitales. You can also buy the DVD via PayPal (no need for a PayPal account, but you should have your credit card or bank account information ready). The language of the 82-minute documentary is French with English or German subtitles. There is also a 5-minute interview with the director Benjamin Tardif on the DVD and a printed "Director Diary" in French (24 pages).
If you want to know more about the documentary, just watch the trailer (Featured Video for this week) or read the following summary:

Générations Digitales brings you to the heart of the gaming community of Trackmania. Real dive in one of the many communities of the internet, Générations Digitales tackles a variety of topics concerning: the use of the Internet, the creative aspect in the formation of sharing groups, the unifying factor, as well as the steady decline of the attraction of television at the hands of the interactive media Internet.
With more than 5 million players, Trackmania is certainly representative of the diversity of use generated by a video game in "connected" mode. From the simple entertaining tool for some, to tool box pushing to create for others; meet a gallery of over 40 people aged 12 to 55 years, all passionate gamers recounting their experiences and feelings.
See how many uses are made of the game Trackmania, from gamers’ meetings to the school bench!
Participative Web; will to invest the space, the creative potential of each; as many components that are completely changing the media landscape and pushes us to thinking about the uses of tomorrow.

(Source: Press information)

Finally, I want to thank Benjisite for his great support with TM-Tube, it was a pleasure to work together with you. Good luck for your future and much success with your great documentary :)

Movie-O-Matic: New article series at

01-23-2010 21:19:06 - X2X


UPDATE: Special article about the TEK9/AMD Minimovie Contest online!
UPDATE: Third article online: Movie-O-Matic #3: TEK9 contest & GSA On The Road 2 & KarjeN - Betten Than Good & Bugs On Fire
UPDATE: Second article online: Movie-O-Matic #2: Team WebOne - The Movie

With "Movie-O-Matic" RoB starts a new series of video related articles on the Swedish Trackmania community page (article language is English). The articles contain information and a detailed review of certain featured videos and will be published every one or two weeks.
In the first issue, RoB reviews the current featured video "Nitrolicious 2" regarding soundtrack, quality and editing.
Just take a look at the first article here :)
For everyone, who can understand German language, the German Trackmania Blog "TManiacs" also features a new video related article series. Just switch to the German TM-Tube version, to read the news regarding that ;)

Official TM-Tube IRC channel: #tm-tube @ QuakeNet

01-04-2010 23:08:14 - X2X

Good news everyone! After a month-long poll, we can now present you the official TM-Tube IRC channel. From now on you can meet each other in the channel #tm-tube @ Quakenet and talk about everything with the other TM-Tube users and the TM-Tube staff. If you don't have an IRC client, you may use out Webchat.
Additionally there is a bot in the channel, which announces new videos at TM-Tube, models/skins at Carpark and news of other TrackMania websites, so you are always informed, if you stay in the channel. In the next few weeks, we will add more features.

ManiaCity track released!

12-23-2009 19:00:44 - X2X


The much-anticipated ManiaCity track from the movie (see our current Featured Video) was released today on TMX and can be downloaded here. The track features lots of new 3d objects integrated in the scenery via skins/ghosts.
To play the track, you'll need the Mediapack, which you can grab either from TM-Tube or from TM-Creative.
We don't recommend you to play the track with very high graphic settings, cause it takes a lot of performance (you should have at least 2 GByte of RAM to play it).
If you want to use the 3d objects in your own track, you should pay attention to the Christmas Special: All 3d models can be downloaded for only 10 Coppers from the 23rd until the 25th of December 2009 at the Manialink ManiaCity.

Official StarTrack-Update for TMUF launched! + Gameserver

11-26-2009 23:10:56 - X2X

UPDATE: Wanna play the StarTracks online? Then join our server!
(France|Nord-Pas de Calais|Nord|tm-tube'startrack)

StarTrack Update

Today, the new update 2.11.25 was released, featuring the new StarTrack solo campaign. This new campaign contains 147 player-made tracks, which were made for the StarTrack contest. The fix also includes the last hotfixes for TMUF.
Please note, that this update won't work with Trackmania Nations Forever, you'll need United Forever to play the new tracks!
The update will be downloaded automatically, when you start the TMUF Launcher, but if you want, you can download it directly from TM-Tube (maybe a bit faster in the next days):

CCCxkCCC - lolwhat?

11-19-2009 18:45:07 - X2X


This year, Leader and pauly are organizing a christmas-related contest, where you can show your full creativity. Wallpaper, skin, mod, track, video or Manialink - everyone can participate with his creations.
You can upload your creations at, a page especially created for this contest. You can do this until the 24 December 2009, after that date, your creations will be rated by a jury. The results will be published early in January 2010.
You can win a lot of virtual cash, at the moment there are 221,000 Coppers in the jackpot. If you want to help filling it, send your copper donations to the TMUF login leader - the more coppers are being donated, the more coppers are available for the winners ;)
More information are available soon on the international and French TM forums.

GIGA Homepage Award + Video conversion tutorial

09-21-2009 17:13:15 - X2X

UPDATE: The round is over, thanks to everyone, who voted for us. The results will be announced in approximately one month.

Vote for us @ GIGA Homepage Award!
This year, TM-Tube participates in the GIGA Homepage Award, which is organized every year by GIGA, the German part of the IGN network. This is one of the biggest website competitions in Germany, so we are happy to be in the voting.
To win this round and get access to the finals, we need you - the community! Just click every day on the logo at the top of this news and vote for Although the page is in German, it's really easy: just decide about your star rating (5 stars = the best ;D) and click the "Voten" button at the bottom of the page.
So, let's show them the power of the international TrackMania community! :)
But please be fair and don't use any cheat tools!

By the way: if you haven't found optimal settings for video conversion yet, just take a look at the new conversion tutorial written by community member gecko235 (Thanks!). He made a detailed overview for the most common file types, so you will never have any problems with video encoding anymore.

Update: TM-Tube 2.1

09-01-2009 21:19:22 - X2X


Thanks for your patience guys! Finally here is the new TM-Tube feature update 2.1 now. This is the first update, which has been made according to the feedback by the community. So here are the changes:
  • Finally a really fast TM-Tube - we've fired the old FLV format and are using MP4 with the H.264 codec for the videos now. That means, that your videos will have a smaller filesize (= they'll load much faster now) - without any quality loss. Au contraire - the quality will be better now, as the video size is now FullHD (1280x720). To ensure maximum performance, we've got a brand new extremly fast server for TM-Tube, which will also speed up the conversion times for example.
  • We've updated our ViMP Media Player to the newest version, which is much more performant and easier to use. There is also a new embedding code, where you can use again at last the Video-IDs instead of the Media-Key. So, website and forum admins: please update your code ;)
  • Oh well, how many times was I asked by you to do that - so I did it: you can now switch the Video-Top 3 between the classic All-Time-Top 3 and the new Best of the week Top 3. I hope, you are satisfied now :D
  • Save the scroll wheel of your mouse - the little rodent will thank you. To help you with that intend, we've minimized the scrolling: only five news on the front page,the video comment form is now above the comments and your guestbooks are now smaller and extendable with a simple click.
  • As we are not a dating community, I've removed the senceless relationship status from your profiles - please use your local party establishments to find a partner!I've also removed the Audio-boxes - we won't ever allow you to upload music, you should better buy it!
  • What did they say?! No more foreign language E-Mails - all mails are now written in English, so that you don't have a problem to understand the mail, if someone from another country sent you a PM/friend request/whatever. I've also fixed language problems with the editor forms.
  • You can now drag-and-drop videos in Playlist mode, so it's easier for you to create and share your playlists.
I've tested the new features many times, but one man alone can't find all the bugs - so I've extended the Live-Support function. You can now get better support by pre-selecting your problem subject: General Support for questions about TM-Tube and the website itself, Technical Support for conversion problems and bugs and Suggestions for your ideas of things which could make TM-Tube better.

The FAQ has also been updated a little bit, the updates are marked, so you can easily find help about the new features.
There are many other features, I'm still working on, but they weren't ready yet, so I've decided to implement them later on.
Have fun with the new update - if you've got questions, use the Live-Support :)

Featured Video Vote Reset

08-11-2009 14:10:14 - X2X

Ok, it seems like some people here are thinking, the admins of TM-Tube are stupid. Last night someone created a lot of accounts with mail adresses from - and every account was only used to cast a vote for the video "Team 402 The Movie". I don't know, if it was the author of the video who created the accounts to push his video in the vote - but if it was him, then: shame on you! //EDIT: The author of the video has warranted to me, that he didn't create the fake accounts.
If some guys here are thinking, they don't have to play fair, then I'll have to think a second time about making more votes in the future. I thought it would be a nice feature to add a vote function to TM-Tube, but then someone abuses the system...
I appeal to the sanity of the "culprit(s)" and request him/her/them to write a PM with an apology to me.
Vote reseted - please be fair now - or there won't be any votes in the future!

Community with Heart

07-03-2009 23:43:23 - X2X

Community with Heart
'Community with Heart' can be compared with a team-tag, like most teams use to have as a prefix, but this one is global. Everyone, who supports this action, may wear a little heart in his nickname, like a common tag for the whole community, to express friendship, and a strong community beyond the limits of your team, limits of nationality, or limits of subgames or favourite environments.

All you need to do, is to add the <3 symbols to your nickname, and register your <3 on the action webpage, on which you can also find more detailed information about the initiative!

Let's participate! :)

The pink experience

04-01-2009 21:58:05 - X2X

Only a April Fool's Joke! Sorry, in the near future, TM-Tube will stay dark ;)

More and more girls are playing video games today. We, as a video game portal for everyone, decided to change our color theme. To make the page more attractive for girls, we've redesigned the whole page in a decent pink. We hope you like it :)

TM-Tube 2.0 - The biggest update ever

02-21-2009 14:47:28 - X2X

For 11 months TM-Tube is existing now. There were many updates, but the basic parts haven't been changed a lot. Now after 11 months, this is the first big update for TM-Tube, let's take a look at the Changelog:

- We are now using the new Auvica ViMP HD-Widescreen-Player with many new features like Fullscreen-Antialiasing (no pixelated videos anymore), "Lights off" mode, sidebar, etc...
- HD-for-everyone: your videos will be converted in the resolution 1024x768 with a high bitrate (note, that this is still in testing status and can be changed in the future) - Comparision: Old Quality - HD quality (Source file: avi with DivX codec)
- Playlist-Mode - create your own playlists or let TM-Tube auto-generate a playlist for you
- FAQ - we've collected a lot of questions which were asked via Chat, PM and Live-Support, this section should answer you all your question
- Didn't find an answer to your question in the FAQ? Then use the Live-Support, which will open now in a seperate window, so that you can browse further on TM-Tube!
- Hall of Fame - we've replaced the HD-Videos section with the Hall of Fame, which contains Must-See-Videos collected by the TM-Tube team
- Musicbase - listen to the Soundtracks of all TrackMania games
- Rich-Text-Editor for video descriptions, PMs, etc...
- Avatar resizing (you can now use every size you want, your avatars won't be cutted off)
- PM History
- FLV time detection and thumbnail creation
- Optimized embed mechanism for external websites (we would recommend you to change the embed code on your websites!)
- Correct thumbnail resizing
- Some layout changes
- Some other little changes and bug fixes

Thanks to suicidefury, manuel, TStartGermany and v000nix for beta testing :)
If you encounter some bugs, use the Live-Support or send a PM to X2X to report them. Please do not use the general chat to report bugs!


02-04-2009 19:37:44 - X2X

From now on there is the Live-Support-Chat at TM-Tube, which you can access via the link on top of the page. The little light before shows, if the support is currently available (green) or not (red). In this way you can easily get fast, direct help for your problems with TM-Tube, without using the PM-System (if the Live-Support is offline, you should use this further on).

Finally it's back!

12-08-2008 15:40:52 - X2X

After a two week downtime, TM-Tube is finally back! We had some hardware problems (details on TM-Forum), so we are very sorry, that TM-Tube was offline such a long time. But the good thing is, that you can enjoy now working tags and faster loading times (I hope ^-^ we'll see this, when more people are visting the page).

TM-Tube - Fix Weekend

11-19-2008 19:23:37 - X2X

The weekend TM-Tube won't be available, cause we'll fix some things on our server and on the page. We will set up the server with a new more up to date operating system and a second hard drive to give you any more space for your videos (should be enough for the next 5-6 years then :D). In addition we will try to fix the tag problem and to decrease the loading time of the page.

Higher quality for videos

10-05-2008 17:40:31 - X2X

From now on your new videos will be uploaded in the resolution 640x480. Additionally there is a 150% higher bitrate then before, so your videos will shine in a much higher quality then before. Especially in fast scenes you will notice this change. In order that you notice the higher resolution while you watch the videos, we have also increased the size of the player to 640x480. Many thanks to kevin916 for his excellent help in realising this proposal.

Translators wanted

10-01-2008 09:03:14 - X2X

We are currently searching for people who want to translate the page. Every language will be accepted, so just PM me (PsX2X) if you want to translate it for your language.

Translations already in development:
- Russian (by USSR Gluk) - Done
- Turkish (by buZZer & Oliverde8) - Done
- French (by TnT MAXOU) - Done
- Dutch (by Olivier)
- Estonian (by magnus0)
- Italian (by EDR Alex) - Done
- Hungarian (by NGcs) - Done
- Czech (by Paces) - Done
- Norwegian (by MNM)
- Lithuanian (by richux)
- Ukrainian (by Farspacer)
- Icelandic (by stebbi92)
- Danish (by vH4x0r)
- Slovenian (by Kobe)
- Finnish (by MikoZ)
- Polish (by Xemit)
- Hebrew (by adamw210)
- Slovak (by Odar486)
- Croatian (by Toni93CTT)
- Swedish (by illern)
- Spanish (by TaoK)
- Bosnian (by leleCTT)
- Japanese (by pmigneous)
- Greek (by grmac)
- Latvian (by <>< C4RASHy ><>)
- Serbian (by mcdjole94)
- Portuguese of Brazil (by P1V0Andrade)

Technical Problems [FIXED]

07-30-2008 21:16:13 - suicidefury

Most of the people surfing on this website might have recognized that we have some technical problems with our website.
Since our root admin PsX2X is away, no one is able to handle the problem until X2X is back.

He will arrive next thursday and will soon solve the problem so you can watch videos and pictures of Trackmania again.

best regards

Update - many improvements

06-27-2008 17:41:27 - X2X

After about three hours downtime, TM-Tube is finally back - with many improvements. The following things have changed:

- Ratings now also show rating count
- Extended notifications in user profile
- WMV files are now being converted synchron (no asynchronicity of picture/sound anymore)
- Tagcloud now shows capital letters
- Thumbnails of videos are now generated automatically
- You can now use ' in chat without getting a MySQL error
- No blank mails anymore with Czech, Hungarian and Turkish language anymore
- Captcha-Code in registration
- Videos are now downloadable via a download link in the media details (as a FLV file)
- Some minor fixes

If you find any bugs, please report them to me (PsX2X) via PM :)

Pictures now downloadable

05-14-2008 16:32:59 - X2X

From now on you can download every uploaded picture to use them for example as a wallpaper. Just click on the download link at the media details, which is located below the media id.

Video-Upload fixed

05-12-2008 11:47:51 - X2X

We could keep our promise and have fixed the video upload problem now completly. So, from now on, your uploaded videos will be converted automatically and thumbnails will be created too. Again sorry for the circumstances. Have fun with TM-Tube :)

TM-Tube is back

05-06-2008 18:43:08 - X2X

After a biweekly down-time, TM-Tube is finally back. We had to change the server because of the high traffic and TM-Tube is now located on a fast root server in France (with unlimited traffic). Among others the storage space has increased, so we set the maximum file size limit to 500 MB. So it is now possible to upload bigger videos :)
Attention: The video upload is currently not working because of a server error. We are working on it.

Have fun,
the TM-Tube Team!

TM-Tube, the open beta test

04-05-2008 20:30:51 - X2X

Me (X2X) and $u!cidE Fur¥ are proud to announce a new community platform for TrackMania videos. After the last big portal für TrackMania videos "Movies Life" was closed some time ago there wasn't central place for TM videos anymore, so we decided to create a video portal like Youtube. So it's - compared with "Movies Life" - now possible to watch the movies directly in your browser. All the other important features of a video platform are also available. There are a lot of categories for the videos (you can put a video in more then one category), so it's easy to find the videos you want to see (nearly every type of TM videos was regarded). You can also upload screenshots.

After the internal alpha test, where nine testers were involved, we're now starting the open beta phase. The biggest bugs were already fixed in the alpha test, if you find nevertheless bugs, please tell them here. We have also an open mind for improvement suggestions. The open beta test is used to test the server occupancy rate and to see, how much traffic the page is generating with lots of visitors. So please upload your videos, test all functions and report every bug you find. The file size limit is currently 100 MByte, but we will probably increase it in the next days.

We are also looking for moderators, who check the uploaded videos, the comments and the user registrations. Preferably those people should already have experiences with moderator jobs and should know a bit about the TrackMania video scene. If you like work with us on this project, just send me your applications via PM ;)

Enjoy browsing the page, uploading and testing the functions. The TM-Tube Team :)